The Apartment Investing Mastery Course was designed to help you:

Understand why you want to invest in real estate

 Finance your Investment Property

 Understand fundamentals of Multifamily Real Estate
 Understand contracts & due diligence
 Pick a city, neighborhood & strategy
 Deep Dive into renovations 
 Find the best deals
Know what to expect with closing & Asset Management
 Crack the code to financial analysis & underwriting
Know what to expect with closing & Asset Management


Why Multifamily Investing?

We all have the best intentions for ourselves and our family.

You want to invest in real estate, but you’ve had some roadblocks. 

Time, money, lack of deals, lack of support on deal analysis, mindset, not knowing your risk tolerance. I’ve been in your shoes. And like most problems, from afar it may look unsurmountable, – as you get closer and closer to the problem, the answer becomes apparent. 

That’s exactly what I want to do for you with multifamily investing. 

Shine a light on those limiting steps so we can tackle them together to build that portfolio of apartments. 

Hi I’m Sri. 

If you’re on this page you may know a little bit about me and my story. 

About how I used to be a data scientist working a full-time corporate job while investing in real estate on the side to how I eventually was able to quit my job in 2018 when the cash flow from my properties replaced my income and gave my family incredible tax benefits. 

. . . But it started with something difficult. It started with a burning desire for freedom. 

Let’s pause for a second and think about not trading time for money. It simply comes down to two things:

1. Scalability: Build once, execute multiple times

In our times the best scalability has come from software and strategy which you build once but execute multiple times. In real estate scalability comes from the execution of the value add strategy.

2️. Leverage: Borrow to invest in real estate

Learn how to use different types of financing for different types of properties, allowing your money to go further and compete in the most competitive markets

In this course, I will show you how to supercharge your investment by using both of these in tandem.

The scalable value add multifamily strategy combined with leverage from banks & private money! ❞

More About The Offer


    A 10 module step by step blueprint of multifamily acquisition


    3 Months of action packed weekly live coaching calls


    3 months of support in a private FB group setting, and an option to buy consulting hours after as needed.


    Access to all my resources from across the country - Lawyers, CPA's, and any vendor I've ever used on my properties.


    Community of Likeminded Investors

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! Start Here!

    • Welcome to the Lesson. Start Here!

    • Connect with me on social

    • Resources to Register and Download

  • 2

    Module 0: Understanding why you want to invest in RE?

    • How & Why does Real Estate Investing work?

    • Module 0 Homework

    • Module 0 Quiz

  • 3

    Module 1: Fundamentals of Real Estate

    • Fundamentals of Real Estate Strategy

    • Module 1 Homework

    • Take the Money Mindset & Current Risk Tolerance Quiz

    • Interpreting the results of the money mindset Quiz

  • 4

    Module 2: Exponential Growth in Real Estate

    • Exponential Curve in Real Estate

    • Module 2: Homework : Learn the Terminology

  • 5

    Module 3: Picking a city & neighborhood

    • Picking a city & neighborhood

    • Comparison of Cities Worksheet

    • Module 3 Homework

  • 6

    Module 4: Talking with Realtors

    • What to know & ask for while talking to Realtors

    • Homework Module 4

  • 7

    Module 5: Underwriting

    • Understanding NOI & # of Units Calculation

    • Basic Underwriting Coworking Session July 31

    • Underwriting Templates

    • Property Tax Search

  • 8

    Module 6: Financing Investment Property

    • Financing Types

  • 9

    Mid Course Specific Goal Setting

    • Refine your goal in the SMART format

  • 10

    Module 7: Contracts & Due Diligence

    • Contracts

    • Due Diligence + Prelim

    • Acquisition Checklist Walk through

    • Checklists

  • 11

    Module 8: Renovations Deep Dive

    • Renovation

    • Resources

  • 12

    Module 9: Closing & Asset Managment

    • Property Managment

    • Reading Resources

  • 13

    Module 10: Scaling Your Real Estate Business

    • Components of Scaling

    • Resources for Scaling

  • 14

    Bonus 1: Tax Strategy

    • Basics of Multifamily Taxes with Thomas Castelli

    • Tax Resources

    • Tax Basics with Sri

  • 15

    Supplemental Training Excel

    • How to calculate Mortgage Payments in Excel

    • How to join text in Excel/ How to prepare data for Google My Maps

  • 16

    Supplemental Training

    • Google My Maps tutorial for Real Estate

    • Calculate Property Tax for a Subject Property

    • Determining Density For New Build in Oakland

    • Determining Marginal Value Add (Laundry, Parking etc)

  • 17

    Underwriting Actively

    • Setting up Deal Flow

It’s the right fit for you if:

  • Your goal is 100K in free cash flow in 4-6 years

  • You have $200,000 in down payment money

  • You are motivated and willing to spend atleast 5 hours a week

Here’s what some of my clients say about me. . .

Sharmilee K.

Who wouldn't want to make money? All you have to do is implement it. If you have the downpayment ready, it's go time! There's lots of opportunities, whichever state you are in. If you are like me and want to take life a little slower and be with your family and take care of other priorities in life - this program is a great option to show you a path to that lifestyle. And the money invested in real estate, just grows at a speed that I don't think any other way could do.

What does it cost to show up for yourself and your family in a way that is actionable?❞ 

$2499 for 3 months of actionable, accountable steps to buy your first apartment